Welcome to HS Ipswich!

Looking to 3D print replacement parts? Want to play with Arduino, or program on a Raspberry Pi?

Come visit HS Ipswich, the local community-ran hackerspace providing access to tech, tools, space and resources.

At HS Ipswich, we aim to provide a safe, open and friendly space in which our members and the public can work on their projects, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and just hang out.

Check out our facebook page to see our upcoming public open days.

If you wish to access our resources more often, consider becoming a member.

We are located at Fire Station 101 along Limestone Street Ipswich.

The building is on the right hand-side after Maccas, with plenty of street parking available.

We are currently in maintenance mode, but please feel free to contact us via email with any queries.